Help us REFUSE Single-use Plastics

This weeks-old green sea turtle could fit in the palm of your hand, and it died after eating these 135 pieces of plastic. Young sea turtles mistakenly eat floating plastic debris, which fills their stomachs and causes them to starve. Our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility reported that 100% of dead washback sea turtles recovered had stomachs full of plastic. It is no longer just reduce, reuse, or recycle...we must first REFUSE.

Join our REFUSE Single-use Plastics Campaign

We have the power to transform the role plastic plays in our daily lives. Replace single-use plastic items with reusable or recyclable items instead. We have a wide variety of sustainable items in-store & online. Advocate against single-use plastics by wearing or using our REFUSE Campaign products & sharing the story behind the campaign.

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