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Versatile, built-to-last, and environmentally friendly: Meet your new favorite reusable food storage bags.

Sorry plastic zip seal bags, your 15 minutes of fame has passed. Leave no scrap of food behind with these large silicone reusable food storage bags!

Designed to make food last long and organization easy, they give an airtight seal and save space in the fridge. Perfect for organizing produce from the grocery store, microwaving leftovers, and freezing veggie scraps (hello, veggie broth!).

Sturdy, yet durable and very flexible, these 100% food-grade silicone food storage bags are non-toxic, durable, and reusable alternatives to disposable plastic bags.

Buy less and do more with your essentials.

  • Holds 68oz / 2000mL
  • Heat resistant up to 428°F / 220°C